2013 will celebrate the 60th loved-one’s birthday of Mister Hillary and Sherpa Tenzings first successful smt of Mount Everest. In May 1953 these two foolhardy men took on the biggest traipsing challenge in the world and prevailed in summiting Everest for quarter-hour. With oxygen running low they both made it home alive and elated. Ever since treks to Everest have been a popular adventure for the thrill finder and for trekkers the Everest Base Camp make your way is a must on the hit list. Nepal holidays have a fairly recent history as the Nepalese didn’t really start welcoming outsiders prior to the late 1950s. Subsequently its popularity has exploded and Nepal is one of the state of the art destinations for activity holidays.

The Everest Base Camp make your way can be undertaken without a guide or group and even completely one your Jack Jones but it is unadvisable. Not only do you miss the friendship of traipsing in a group, the moment of sharing your success with Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek your fellow EBC trekkers but also you run the risk of illness and injury without a backup plan. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Everest Base Camp I strongly recommend travelling with a reputable tour owner that uses local Sherpa guides and porters, who know the hills, the signs of altitude sickness and the route!

Altitude sickness is a massive killer in Nepal and many die on the they think is a fairly steady make your way. The signs of altitude are often masked or ignored by those desperate to ensure. A well trained, professional Guide will spot the signs and help you treat them with diet and sleep, usually. If you opt to continue against advice though on your own head be it!

Getting off the disadvantages surrounding high altitude treks, Nepal holidays offer something far beyond just jaw-dropping mountain scenery. The warmth and simple lives of the Nepalese people fills the heart of those that visit and many return many times. Life is hard in Nepal where only really two major cities survive from vacation and traipsing, all of those other country maintains a normal countryside way of life, founded on commit Buddhism or Hinduism. The people are pleased with their lot and you’ll never see so many smiling faces. Along your make your way to Everest Base Camp you will come across many a Sherpa, his donkey and probably some of his family. In the teahouses you will experience savoury, increased temperatures local food much more appreciated due to your long days traipsing. While the teahouses are cold and communal with little facilities, just being around the owners and your local guides will do to make you forget the issues. High up on a mountain it is friendship that lasts not a fire.

After your make your way take the time to explore Kathmandu and the surrounding countryside towns, and perhaps even vacation to Chitwan National Park where Nepal’s finest creatures is on display, including the Bengal Tiger. Kathmandu is hectic and crazy, a city built haphazardly over generations without a town planner but it sucks you in and a day or two here gives you a wonderful view into the daily lives of the city dwellers, workman and many outsiders who flock here. Away from the city take time out in Pokhara, a lakeside town that acts as the gateway to Nepal’s other traipsing region, the Annapurna. This is a relaxed, café culture city with hidden caves in the surrounding areas and prayer flags fluttering in the wind. Nepal in fact is more than just Everest.

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