Here’s what I See; I see most of the 40 million people in the U.S. alone who will be impaired by some kind of anxiety disorder this year, headed down a road of laziness and ‘instant result syndrome.’ ‘What’s the worst that can happen’ I thought to myself as I began my journey on Xanax and Clonazepam only a few years back. My family doctor as well as the emergency room doctors prescribed them during my first panic attacks, so it must be the right choice right?


As I write this post I’m constantly thinking of my grandmother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 25 years back, she’s a chronic smoker, and suffers from migraines. Incredibly, she’s never popped a pill for her migraines and has never done any kind of chemotherapy. Order Xanax Online Her reply to my question of why she’s never headed down the road of first line therapies is ‘professionals don’t want you to do your homework about these conditions, simply take their advice and shut up.’ She definitely did her homework and so should we when we embark on a path to stopping our Buy Xanax Online anxiety disorder naturally.

Here’s What I’ve Learned About Anxiety And Panic Disorder

There is no magic cure in the form of a pill, there is only temporary relief. But once you’ve medicated yourself there is a certain conditioning that has entered your mind. The kind of conditioning that doesn’t want to take the time to learn about the anxiety condition, the kind of condition that doesn’t want to put in the daily effort to use CBT to restructure our thoughts and actions.

Anti Anxiety Medications And Antidepressants Induce Lazines.

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