Game of Thrones season 1 introduced fantasy and grand suckers to the Machiavellian and brutal world of Westeros and the lengths to which people are willing to go to sit on the coveted Iron Throne. The Game of Thrones first season vented on HBO in 2011, and with all the plot twists and new characters GoT throws at observers, it’s always good to refresh your memory with a quick summary, and that is exactly what you will find in this Game of Thrones season 1 recap. you can watch movies free and also you can download seasons like Game of Thrones Season 1 on 4khotvideo.

What the heck happed in Westeros back in Game of Thrones season one? In the first season we first see Daenerys Targareyen’s rise from slave to queen, Ned Stark’s discovery of a disturbing Lannister secret, the death of a King, the awesomeness of Tyrion, the kickass girl that’s Arya Stark, and the first signs of a downtime which threatens to destroy everything.

Catch up with the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons, Tullys, Dothrakis, and men of the Night’s Watch in the GOT recap below and do not forget to check out these recaps of Game of Thrones season two and Game of Thrones season three.

King Robert Baratheon and his Queen, Cersei Lannister, trip north to make his old friend Eddard” Ned” Stark, Lord of Winterfell, the offer to be the new Hand of the King after the former one, Jon Arryn failed under mysterious circumstances.


Across the narrow ocean, the expatriated Prince Viserys Targaryen offers to trade his family Daenerys to a violent Dothraki steed lord in exchange for his army. He hopes to use them to take back the throne which was taken from his father by Cersei’s family, Jaime.


Back in Winterfell, Ned’s 10- time-old son Bran discovers that Cersei and Jaime are involved in an incestuous relationship. Jaime pushes Bran out of the window to keep him from telling anyone

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