Private medical insurance isn’t cheap and due to the rising costs for new drugs and advanced medical procedures, the rate of private medical insurance is also increasing. A large number of people do take out PMI every year, but is it really necessary to have PMI coverage? Here is a step by step plan that will help you decide whether or not you need private medical insurance and if you need one, what is the best way of getting an affordable one.

Is PMI a need?

PMI is a luxury and not a necessity. There are many reasons for buying it, but private does not always mean that it is better. The NHS provides comprehensive health care and medical treatment to people in the UK, regardless of their ability to pay. But, this may NHS Medical Mice involve a long waiting period.

Remember, even if you choose to opt for private health insurance, the specialists and doctors aren’t private. Most of the health care professionals are NHS medics who will be providing you with health care service to boost their income. Moreover, some private hospitals provide basic operative care only and medical cover at night is usually limited.

Why Not Consider a Health Care Cash Plan?

Quite different from PMI and also includes optical, dental and alternative health. For this plan, you have to pay some amount every month and if you need to pay for some treatment, you can always claim back some cash. It is not an alternative to PMI, but can be a very good addition.

You can check whether or not your employer provides PMI for you and for your family. Even if you have to purchase a plan on your own, you can also find one that is affordable and is also suitable for your needs.

Find out the cost for each individual plan and then compare with the others to see which one best suit your budget and needs.

If you are fit and healthy, you may not need to purchase a private health insurance plan. However, for the extra peace of mind, it is not a bad idea to self insure.

How to Minimise costs?

If you have decided that PMI is necessary, it is important that you cut the costs so you can get the most out of the plan. Co-insurance which is a percentage of the treatment cost can lower the price of your insurance plan.


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