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15 best Android games available now (Updated January 2023)Some gamers say that games for the PC have diminished in importance because of the advent of gaming consoles, such as the Playstation 2 or Xbox. As such, if someone wants to get information on the newest PC games, it can be difficult as the community of devoted PC gamers declines Even using popular search engines like google, it can hard to sort through the results to find the information that you are truly looking for.

Despite the migration to gaming consoles, there are still others who are as hooked to PC games as they were before PS3 and Xbox360. These are the kind of people who are usually interested in getting information on the newest PC games. While it is not that hard to find a list of the most current games along with their prices, finding quality reviews about these games is a different story.

There are limited sites that provide reviews on the newest PC games and among the best are: IGN, Gamespot, Gamezone and Gamespy. On these sites, PC gamers will be able to score not only the best reviews of the current PC games but also the latest information on the latest videogames for consoles.

Although these sites may not possibly satisfy all the information needs that a number of people could want from the latest PC games, they are still quite good in dishing out basic information like the genre, hints, cheats and user reviews of a certain game. Just through this information, anyone who is looking to buy a PC game will be able to know which ones to buy or avoid, before spending their money.

Anybody who is into PC games knows that it is best to get a number of reviews for the newest PC games. A game that is perfect for one person, may be disliked by another. System requirements for each game vary, so you’ll also want to make sure that your pc has the processor and memory required to run the game. Over the last few years PC gaming has come a long way. As a serious gamer you need to buy a good prebuilt or custom build your own high performance desktop gaming computer optimized for the newest games. You need a powerful custom PC With the graphics capabilities, processing speeds and memory required for today’s fast paced, large and visually mind blowing games. Non-gaming computers lack the necessary components. This creates a low fps, causing games to lag, glitch and for graphics to not be as sharp. When information isn’t able to accessed quickly it causes today’s games to not as load or update as fast and for game play to lag. Not that but it will also cause your computer to run hotter, causing you to spend more money on fans and cooling devices. This is why it is important that you have a high crisp. The last thing you want is for character to glitch out in the middle of an important game.

Up until fairly recently the main things people looked for in a gaming PC was huge graphics cards and tons of memory. Those things are still important however, over the past couple years CPU performance has become more and more important. In the past games were smaller, had fewer graphics and not as much information getting accessed from the hard drive. They simply weren’t the CPU hogs that today’s games are. Instead of games being 2gigs today’s games are 16-20gigs. Information constantly needs to be accessed from the hard drive end processor, hard drive and the front side buss to carry everything for game play to run smoothly.

When deciding on a processor we recommend Intel’s Core i7-4770K processor. The Intel Core i7-4770K is Intel’s latest Haswell based quad core processor with a stock clock of 3. 5GHz (3. 9GHz Turbo), 8MB of L3 cache, hyper-threading support, and an unlocked multiplier for overclocking as well. It’s the flagship mainstream desktop pc CPU for Intel and it’s a good value. This processor is not only great for today’s games, but unlike other processors will carry you for years to come. With the release of DICE’s latest game, Battlefield 4 was able to take advantage of up to 6 threads when played on a system that has the capability. On the other hand, when using an Intel Core i5-3570K, Battlefield 4 was eating up near 100% CPU utilization. Both the Intel Core i5-3570K and the Intel Core i7-4770K are quad core CPUs, the difference between the two is that the Intel Core i7-4770K includes Hyper-Threading, which doubles the amount of threads on the CPU from 4 (1 per physical core) to 8 (2 per physical core). While this doesn’t bring a full 100% improvement in performance in multi-threaded applications, it can improve performance ~30%, which will be become important as games continue to get bigger and bigger.

For hard drives we recommend the Kingston V300 120GB Solid State. A solid-state drive is something that has no moving parts, and is just stupid fast. I’ve noticed so much of a speed increase on my computer since changing over to the Kingston SSD. Programs that use a lot of data, like my Fritz Chess program are just lightning fast compared to what they were on a regular drive. Many of you have asked ‘how is game performance on an SSD? “. Of course it’s faster and better! When you copy your game data over to your drive, you know that it’s going to have to read the information. The faster the read time – the more responsive the game is going to be. Game response on an SSD is great to phenomenal. With SATA being in its third generation, running 6 gigabits per second, your information is lighting fast. When you’re gaming, you want to keep rolling… so remember CPU performance is hugely important for today’s gamer. Do yourself a favor and make sure you get a PC with an SSD and Intel Core i7-4770K.

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