Grids and Zones: The Virtual Pokemon World

There is a new wave in evolutionary theory known as ‘intelligent’ design. Natural selection, essentially unchanged since Darwin since first postulated, has simply become for many naturalists too clumsy, too implausible, and ‘too dumb. ‘ In the pokemon world, there is really no concept of natural selection either- in fact, it’s rather like evolution on steroids Pokemon. But still, behind the nuts and bolts of how the capabilities of the pokemon work, there still lies, as with all animals, the mystery of how they developed. Some pokemon can spontaneously evolve in mid-life, a concept known as metamorphosis in the insect world (and limited to only a few) and not know elsewhere in life in large part.The Pok√©mon Company Pledges $25 Million to Improving the Lives of  Underprivileged Children

Intelligence is a quality that can only be described in broad terms and categories. Humans tend to be biased to think of intelligence in terms of deductive reasoning, but isn’t the stinger on a scorpion just as intelligent? Or isn’t the highly complex social structures of some creatures such as bees and ants manifestly intelligent? Outwardly, the pokemon do not appear to be greatly intelligent. No more so than perhaps or horses or cats. And yet physically they possess extraordinary capabilities and furthermore use their powers only in a highly discriminate way. They possess self-discipline and loyalty.

Pokemon are creations, mythical creatures to be sure but they have a lot in common with the creatures of our world as well. Unfortunately for those of us more interested in the Pokemon world and story than in the game, this world is not very well developed in terms of how pokemon species eat, live, forage, hunt, and interact. They seem to be solitary creatures on the whole, which doesn’t make for a very interesting or dynamic Pokemon world for us sci fi fans to explore and fantasize about.

The Pokemon story is certainly rich enough to appeal to adults should it ever become seriously developed. In the meantime, the story is just fine the way it is for kids and gamers don’t care about the background of pokemon nearly as much as they are interested in the powers of each one. The pokemon story though has been robust enough to produce a slew of spinoffs and characters. From animation and comic books to the Pokemon card game, there seems to be a product for all ages and interests. In fact, even older boys enjoy collecting Pokemon stuffed toys (known as plush toys or plushies), as kind of trophies, while younger kids like them because they are cute. Kids also collect a whole array of things such as Tomy pokemon figures and all kinds of rare cards, including promo cards and legendary pokemon cards. Right now anything ‘pokemon black and white’ is eagerly sought after, proving that the Pokemon craze seems to have no end in sight. This is Dinah again at the Pokemon Cafe and Media club and I’ve just been engaged in lively intellectual discussion about the Pokemon story and possibilities for the future. It’s obvious from the development of the game and its spinoffs these years that Pokemon thrives on diversity. In fact, diversity and evolution are what Pokemon is all about! The latest ‘shinka’ (evolution) jump in Pokemon Mania is Pokemon Black and white (as if i needed to tell you that). As a mom who likes soft toys that can be thrown around without breaking things, I like the new Pokemon Black and white plush toys, or ‘plushies’ and my son has added some new Pokemon stuffed toys to his collection, though I must admit I bought them partially for myself. The Pokemon Black and white monsters are by far the ‘coolest’ so far in the game (as opposed to ‘cute’) and more dragon-like than cuddly. Still, like all Pokemon, they have agreeable and noble faces. Anyway, the Pokemon Black and white series has made the Pokemon card game a whole lot more interesting as well.

The Pokemon story has been developed in an animated TV and film series of course, and also in ‘manga’ (comic books). But my beef with Pokemon is that unlike Mario or other simple games, the basic premise of Pokemon is quite sophisticated and entertaining, and deserves much better development. Pokemon, as far as I’m concerned, has the potential to be entertaining to adults as well as kids, but so far Nintendo has declined to explore that aspect. The only thing it would need to do is sell the idea to the major film producing companies, which I’m sure would jump at a chance at the project. Given its options, in my opinion Hollywood would definitely be the place to take the idea.

The first thing Pokemon needs is a solid book series. Admittedly, it could get away without one and develop only film scripts (like Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean), but personally I’d like to see a well-written book series that was great to read and great to watch as well (Harry Potter is the shining example I’m thinking of).

In the release of a rich Pokemon saga that is full of thrills, heroes, and character development, there should be no doubters. Obviously, 3d and special effects of their favorite Pokemon will mesmerize kids more than the flat and silly animation that they already love now, and through solid literary and film production, Pokemon could become enjoyed by all and a classic of our times.

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