Bluetooth is a high tech and high speed process especially designed to connect phones, PDAs, laptops and other portable equipment together without the need of cables or cord. Bluetooth is a step ahead if compared with infrared. The technology utilizes modifications of techniques based on existing wireless LAN. Bluetooth is compact and costs less.

Experts feel that the cost of device will fall in future. This will help more people to benefit from this amazing technology. Once a Bluetooth enabled device establishes a contact with the range of such equipment, they exchange address and capability details. The bluetooth module  protocols will handle both voice and data via very flexible network topography.

This technology is amazing and it tends to provide great benefits to people across the globe. The technology embeds tiny, inexpensive, short range transceivers in to the electronic devices available these days. The radio operates on a 2.45 GHz unlicensed radio band available widely across the globe. It supports data speeds of up to 721 Kbps including three voice channels. The Bluetooth modules can be converted in to electronic devices. These can also be used as an adaptor. The Bluetooth modules can be incorporated as a PC card. These can also be attached externally via the USB port.

Each Bluetooth device possesses a unique 48-bit address from the IEEE 802 standard. The connections can be either point-to-point or multipoint. The maximum range is up to ten meters. However, this can be extended to hundred meters via maximizing the power. Radio interference protects Bluetooth devices via changing their frequencies up to 1600 times a second. The technique is known as frequency hopping. The built-in encryption and verification features provide added security to the technique.

With Bluetooth devices, you won’t be cutting down on the precious battery life. The specification of Bluetooth aims towards consumption of power from a ‘hold’ mode. It consumes only thirty micro amps to the active transmitting range of 8-30 milliamps.

The radio chip consumes only 0.3 mA in standby mode. It is less than 3% of the overall power utilized by a standard mobile phone. The Bluetooth chips possess amazing power saving features. These chips have a tendency to shift to a low power Pode once the traffic volume ceases.

The Bluetooth radio technology will provide a great connection to data networks.

The Bluetooth technology is a great way to enhance wireless communications methods across the globe.


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