The verdict is still out for me on Twitter as a business tool – can it be used as an effective marketing tool or is it just another platform for spammers to exploit. Although I am by no means an expert or avid Twitter user (you can follow me if you’d like), I have noticed a few methods that have helped me and some of my clients gain more followers. This article will quickly outline a few techniques that have been useful from my experiences.

Don’t Try To Sell Anything

Like other online social platforms, un-established businesses can’t help but look at Twitter as a means to promote a product or business. While the use of Twitter as a tool for social awareness (as we’ve recently seen in Tunisia and Egypt) is a refreshing change from the norm, Twitter is mainly just another platform where businesses with small budgets try to solicit potential clientele through discrete and overt advertisements. If you are trying to gain a loyal and interactive following, offer helpful tidbits of advice without seeking anything in return. Make an inquisitive observation about your life that people can relate زيادة متابعين تيك توك to. Make an objective statement about your business that will begin a discussion with your followers. If links are included in your Tweets, link to helpful articles or advice columns – not to a landing page filled with gimmicky advertising copy or free offers. If you’re like me, you’ll take one look and immediately unfollow this person.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Some of the dodgy so-called “experts” might advise you to post Tweets in blocks, so that your messages stand out easier. I’m sure you’ve all seen what I’m talking about – a series of 8 or 9 Tweets in a row by the same person, as an attempt to capture a large segment of your Tweet feed. This is outright annoying and an unethical approach to gaining notoriety (if that’s what you would like to call it). I immediately delete anybody who implements this strategy. If you really want to gain a following that is worthwhile rather than spamming Tweet feeds, make quality posts that engage your audience. One quality daily post is worth much more than 20 useless posts per day. Also try to post a few times per week. This will give your Tweets a better chance of being viewed. You can also track the performance of your posts throughout the day. A free service like Bitly can help shorten URL links and track clickthrough rates. Not using links in your Tweets? You can try to track the effectiveness of your posts by the responses you receive. While posting between 12-1pm EST may be a good idea – since people are on lunch break – you will experience more competition during this timeframe. So it might be more worthwhile to post at 8:30pm, when everyone is done with dinner and more relaxed. Experiment with scheduling and find out when you receive the most responses.

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