Advanced betting types in horse betting are actually considered to be less risky and are a whole lot safer for most horse bettors. Superfecta Box betting is very much unlike the straight superfecta bet since it involves picking the top four horses that will finish the race in ANY order. That said, it is clear to understand that it improves your chances of having a successful bet because the order in which the horses finish is unimportant.

Because the risks here aren’t the same with a straight superfecta bet then it is understandable that the bet here would cost more. Usually the bet here starts at $24 in total per bet. You pay extra for the superfecta box bet since you are purchasing all the various combinations in which your four horses can finish. Mathematically speaking, there are 24 possible finishing combinations of 4 horses.

It’s like paying a dollar per combination and since there are 24 combinations, your total bet would be $24 and it’s also the minimum wager required in horse race malaysia order to make a superfecta box bet.

Horse betting sample of superfecta box bet:

A dollar ($1) Superfecta Box bet on horses 1-4-9-5 means that the whole number of possible winning combination here is 24. The total wager costs $24 ($1 X 24 = $24)

The bet would win if horses 1 – 4 – 9 – 5 takes the top 4 places no matter the order.

Below we have the denominations of bets depending on the number of horses a bettor would choose in the Superfecta Box horse betting.

4 horse $1 superfecta box = $24

5 horse $1 superfecta box = $120

6 horse $1 superfecta box = $360

7 horse $1 superfecta box = $840

8 horse $1 superfecta box = $1680

9 horse $1 superfecta box = $3024

10 horse $1 superfecta box = $5040

11 horse $1 superfecta box = $7920

12 horse $1 superfecta box = $11880

As we can see, the more horses that you pick for the Superfecta box horse betting then the larger amount you have to wager but the possibility of winning is also greater.

For rookies, they favor this type of horse betting as the risks are lesser but it seem as if one overpays for a wager. As a bettor, one should know which bet is enough in a single race that is why people must research and do his homework before making a decision.

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