Manifestation – The best 99 Cents You’ll Ever Spend!

Which supplier is offering the cheapest business electricity prices in  2020-21?As a Life Coach one of my greatest and most enjoyable tasks is assisting others in finding their way back to happiness Pulse Power. Some ways of getting there can be more involved and other ways are quite simple. What I am about to share with you is a simple and fun way to help you reach and maintain that powerful vortex of positive energy that ensures the manifestation of your heart’s desires. It is by far the best 99-cents you’ll ever spend!

Music is one of the easiest ways to allow life energy to flow through you. Many of us already recognize the power that music has to soothe us, to lift our mood, and even, if it’s a song we don’t like, to push our buttons. In other words, one cannot deny, good or bad, the powerful effect that sound has on the psyche. That being said, the right song at the right time can turn a simple everyday tune into a trans-personal experience that connects you with Source Energy. We have a tendency sometimes to use music more as “background noise” or something to hum along with throughout the day, but there are some songs that can be used as powerful tools to assist you in letting go of resistance, for connecting you with your Inner Being, or for getting you back into that exciting feeling of “whoo-hoo! ” that’s so important for manifestation.

You’ll find as an Mp3 download on Amazon or iTunes (and probably other sources as well) the song, “Top of the World, ” by the Carpenters. Yes the song itself is a little dated but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Listening to it with deliberate intent is one of the fastest ways to lift your spirits; to bring you back to being “in the flow” for manifestation. Listen carefully to the words… play it enough times that it becomes the song on your lips throughout the day! As you purposely listen to the song, consider the words and offer them as your gratitude for Source Energy. Become the words of the song! Open your heart; let “such a feeling’s coming over me” prevail and feel the positive vibrations and expectations pulsing through you. Use your power of visualization to see yourself enthused, powerfully creating life the way you intended it to be when you came into this life experience. Know as you listen to the song that there is nothing you cannot be or do or have! Set your intention to be “On Top of the World” and hold that focus and power in your heart for as long as you can. Then, remember this song and use whenever you need to “prime the pump” or enhance your positive outlook. It is easy to do, fun to experience, and is hands down one of the most powerful tools you can use to summon Source Energy and keep you feeling CHARGED. Leonardo – Inner harmony comes when you learn to elevate your mood by embracing the power of your Higher Self. Many times we pulse messages to you through intuitive feelings. It is a safe way to have those, in spirit, give you guidance in a format that does not seem intimidating. There is a fine balance that unites the physical and heavenly worlds. The path to peace comes when you embrace the threads of energetic love. They are intended to keep you within the concept that your own existence can indeed be one of harmonic perfection.

In the Kingdom, great accomplishments are always happening. We try to guide you to the path of least resistance, but it comes more quickly when you stop thinking you are smarter than the infinite intelligence that hugs the universe. We frequently wonder why people would deny themselves of the complete rewards of happiness by exerting their preferences over what they instinctively know is a different way to go. The harmony you seek in spiritual growth, financial and romantic success, and pure holistic health will germinate as you fight less and offer more trust in the powers of your loved ones.

This topic is being given to you because our goal is to help each of you to reach levels of happiness that some of you do not think is possible. In spirit, we work with you in probables, and leave room for more. Each one of you are linked to a path of treasures that can only be had when you stop fighting the union of souls and selves. With faith and trust you can overcome all obstacles that may be blocking the road to your higher good. Set a path in motion. Do not allow the bombardment of negative thoughts from past issues, or from the anguish that others may have caused you, to hold you back from future endeavors.

Generally, I like to incorporate an array of colors into our conversation with you. Most people tend to forget that the basic colors of the rainbow are also healing energies. Each one indicates a different path and a different purpose. This will become more evident as we share information in the future. We started by talking about reaching the highest levels of success. What I wish to add is that when the environment that you live in seems hostile, it is more important for you to trust the boundless gift of energies that surround you, the tranquility of natural colors always working behind the scenes to calm things.

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