For many years, the marketing mix of four P’s – product, price, promotion and place – has been a successful formula for customers buying over the counter. Bricks and mortar businesses have prospered co-ordinating the mix to entice custom. However, since the online boom has changed the way consumers shop, can the marketing mix work for the internet and if so, what strategies do you need for online buying that will help you expand in your business?

Given that purchasers can research products for themselves without leaving their homes, what relevant and up-to-date strategies do you need to learn to not only attract customers to your website, but make them want to return again and again?

Translating the marketing mix for the internet buyer needs a totally different approach. For a start, walking into a shop allows a shopping experience – you can experiment with different colours, touch, feel and view the product from every angle. With internet shopping, that experience disappears, so you have to replace it with a new one:

1) Product: Although they cannot physically see or hold the product, internet shoppers need their information to be clear-cut and precise. The best strategies for online buying include close-up pictures of the item together with specific product features and specifications. This gives the customer immediate information and helps them evaluate and compare what they are buying. Providing contact information to help with queries is also a good strategy.

2) Price: Since overheads are very different for internet shopping, having a correct pricing policy will ensure you stay competitive. Consumers can browse other sites at the click of a button, so do some research to get an idea of what kind of price structures are currently in use. Offering value for money together with good service will ensure a returning customer.

3) Promotion: The internet marketing mix means keeping your customer on your website, so is it attractive? Do you have a good domain name? What else can you offer? What other products or services can you provide that will enable your purchaser to have a one-stop shop? Is there something you can provide that others don’t? For example, if you are selling electrical goods, do you provide batteries and cables? If you are selling printers, do you have a special deal on ink cartridges? Offering prompt delivery and good after-care service will keep the customer happy and make them want to buy online from you again.

4) Place: Internet buyers can now purchase direct from the manufacturer and cut out the retailer altogether, so are you visible? Does your name pop up as soon as they do a search on Google? Are you making use of links to your webpage and strategies like banner ads?

Although internet shopping is so easy, marketing as a business owner isn’t. If you need help in learning useful and up-to-date methods and strategies to drive online traffic to your website, click the following link You can’t afford to use a hit and miss approach for online success, so don’t miss out. You can use the marketing mix for the internet and learn new strategies for online buying.

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