Mobile photography is a new interesting and yet challenging field in the world of photography. It is a new jargon for any activities related to taking pictures and sometimes followed by uploading them to the web using a mobile camera phone.

It is estimated that 6 out of 10 people in the world own a mobile phone and everyday hundred thousands of new pictures are uploaded to the web directly from手機拍照 mobile phones. Judging from these numbers, there is no doubt that mobile photography is here with us, like it or not.

Majority of picture sharing services and also social networking sites provide mobile interface to upload photos. People love to share their pictures, especially the great ones. Everyday people find new ways and technics to produce exciting photos out of their very own mobile camera phones. This leads to some kind of competition to provide the best that they can, and mobile photography was born.

Making pictures using a mobile camera phone presents many challenges due to limitations of the device. Mobile camera phones are mainly phones with built-in simple camera as added feature. The quality of the image is usually presented as megapixels, which can be anywhere between one to a quite high 12 megapixels. Other limitations such as no optical zoom, no manual shutter, low response, and poor image quality in low light, add further challenge to produce acceptable results.

Off course it is debatable whether mobile photography is real photography. Some of you may argue that no serious photography can be made using a very limited device. On the other hand, we can argue that photography is not merely about the camera, but it’s about how to produce beautiful pictures with whatever is in your hand. That said, mobile photography is real photography as long as it follows the basic principles of photography.

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