The Runt Stun Gun is one of many self protection items available today. What makes it outstanding is the power, the size and the worth.


This extraordinary immobilizer comes in four power appraisals going from 350,000 volts, 650,000 volts, 950,000 volts and the freshest is a battery-powered one-the 950 R. Most models in all actuality do require batteries so the 950 R over the long haul makes for extraordinary worth. The 950,000 volt model is one of the most impressive accessible anyplace.


This powerful gadget isn’t so large as a normal measured hand at 3.5″ X 2 1/eighth X 7/8ths-perhaps as large as a cell. It is sufficiently little to handily disguise in a pocket or handbag which makes it ideal for self preservation purposes


There’s a security switch that should be in the on position for the weapon to work.


Assuming you apply the immobilizer to your assailant for 3-5 seconds it will make the muscles do a lot of work quickly in a flash draining the aggressor’s glucose by switching it over completely to lactic corrosive. This makes the aggressor incapable to deliver energy for his muscles, and his body can’t work as expected.


The electrical charge likewise intrudes on the driving forces that control and direct muscle development making him lose balance-he can’t stand.


The best places to apply it are the operational hubs around the upper hip, underneath the rib confine or the upper .410 ammo most extreme adequacy. Appropriately applied this will give you 5-10 minutes to move away or find support.


This multitude of strong weapons (with the exception of the 950R) work on three lithium CR123A particle batteries remembered for the bundle. These great self preservation items accompany a lifetime guarantee and a nylon conveying case. The conveying case on your belt looks basically the same as a pager. This makes it an incredible worth as well!


I generally suggest a verbal admonition like “ease off” to an expected aggressor while holding up a charging immobilizer. Once in a while the sight and sound of a charging immobilizer has been known to change numerous a trouble makers’ brain. It’s like saying ‘you truly don’t need a chomp of this isn’t that right?’


Assuming you are on the lookout for a self preservation item search for quality, viability, and a big deal LEGALITY-the Runt Stun Gun ought to be close to the first spot on your list. Immobilizers are not legitimate in certain states. Check with your neighborhood police office.




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