Some Starting Ideas for Twilight Party Favors

Twilight as a book series and a movie franchise has practically cast a spell on youngsters here, especially the teenagers. No doubt, this is one of the most preferred themes for all kinds of teenage parties going around and it will be the case for a few years to come now. Now, let us see what you can bundle at twilight party favors for teenage events with your peers, especially but not limited to birthday leather wolf bracelet parties.

The nature of party favors have changed over the years with advances in tech. for your twilight theme, for instance, since it is a movie, the soundtrack which has been very popular would make for great teenager birthday favors. You don’t even need to buy expensive CD’s. You can buy them on iTunes for them through subscriptions. Even ringtones would be great as eclipse party supplies.

Another set of party favors that never seem to delight guests at your Twilight parties, especially if they are teenagers is posters. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison are household names today and they have a very ardent fan base. You are hosting a Twilight themed party, which means that there will be plenty of fans. Those life size posters would do wonders as favors to make the party memorable.

Although books are not terribly popular with teenagers today, you can always include a Twilight book or two so that the favors keep up with the theme and add to the overall mood. You could either put a different Twilight book from the series for each party favor pack or choose to put the same book in each one to maintain consistency throughout all the favors.

Wearing the same T-shirts at an event with peers makes everybody feel party of the groups and gives them a feeling of belonging. For this reason, Twilight T-shirts would be a good addition to the Twilight party favors. Of course, you can use different T-shirts for each person at the party so long as the overall theme is that of Eclipse. You can find cheap themed T-shirts at many online stores.

When it comes to teenage girls, bracelets are something that they love to collect in large amounts. Here you can include them as party favors especially for the girls. These and other cosmetics such as lipsticks, eye liners would be great. Of course, each of these would have a dark Eclipse theme.

With bracelets, you have a lot of variety. You can have bracelets which have photos of the stars of the movies such as Robert and Kristen, or you can choose to have bracelets with wolf charm on them carved from wood.

Having seen a few ideas, you can now go ahead and find a few of your own ideas for Twilight party favors. The one thing to keep in mind when creating custom favors is that it should be something that all of the teens in your group should identify with and at the same time, it should be something unique. That, after all, is the key to having a truly memorable party with your friends.

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