Try to see with your mind’s eye a store that is located in an area where safety issues are the least to be concerned about by the owner; would you fancy paying it a visit? If by all means you would, how about purchasing a large amount of items from that store even after knowing about those who lurk outside to rob you the second you make your way out?

The businesses set up in the virtual world are more or less comparable to such situations. With the escalating figure of online fraud cases, many actually find themselves uncertain about purchasing or performing any transaction online. Notwithstanding this, many advertisements are still encouraging online transactions. Well, the fear that is felt is somewhat justified, though; because personal and highly sensitive information transmitted online are always vulnerable to unauthorized third parties.

However, in 1994 this drawback was overcome by introducing a protocol to transmit data through a safer approach – an SSL secured website. Simply put, SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, which is purely about data encryption. It is useful to understand that whatever data transmitted over a network connection are regarded as bits and bytes, and they are highly susceptible to any third party attempting to intercept the connection. On the other hand, an SSL secured website uses a cryptographic system to protect these data; often referred to as encryption. As a result, you can be sure that whatever information sent online, such as credit card numbers and any other personal information are highly protected. The main objective of a cryptographic system is to alter the original message understood by public to an encoded one; thus making it indecipherable by any unauthorized third party.

Owing to the high safety level offered by an SSL secured website, many online users as well as business providers have taken advantage of it. It is commonly used by websites that deal with collections of personal information, payments as well as those that require users’ sign-ups.  먹튀검증

One way to know whether you are on a website that has attained SSL certificates is to notice the URLs. The URL of a potentially vulnerable site begins with “http://”; a secured one, however, begins with “https://”. Another way is to notice the lock icon at the side of the URL to ensure you are on a secured website. An SSL secured website is capable of guaranteeing its users the safest way to execute any kind of transactions as well as personal data transmission over the network. Hence, next time you perform any of these, it would be wise to make sure it is done over an SSL secured website.



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