As many skincare products advise, a moisturizer is necessary after cleansing any part of the body. Although you may frequently moisturize your face, it is equally as important to nourish your body with the same moisture–especially because your skin is the largest organ of your body and it’s all over the place, not just your face!

Imagine the amount of hydration that your skin requires: the average recommendation for individuals is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This means that your organs are depending on water to replenish and detoxify the toxins in your system. Your skin, as an organ, is a little different, though–it not only needs water to be hydrated, but it needs moisture. MotherSage body oil During the day, the sun and other chemicals that you encounter at work and home compose a large amount of the damage your skin endures. So using body oil helps invigorate the lost nutrients back into your system.

Your skin has different needs during different seasons. In the summer, it is hot–and depending on your climate–it could also be humid or dry. The best time to be using body oil is during dry climates; ideally, you should apply body-oil over the winters more excessively than summers due to the rigorous winds that chafe away the top layers of skin. You may think that body creams and body lotions already do a good enough job, so how is body oil different? Well, when applying the oil to skin, body-oil must be massaged in so that it penetrates through the different epidermal layers of skin. More importantly, you should apply more body oil to the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet, as these are the thickest layers of skin on the body.

Finally, many consumers have found body-oil to be a cure to dry skin. Dry skin is commonly misconceived as skin that does not absorb moisture properly, but you may even suffer from dry skin seasonally. Keep in mind that the skin on your body has changing needs, and body oil should be used in times when your skin needs more moisture. It can even be used on a regular day if the skin on your hands, for example, feel chappy or tight. Body oil will relieve these symptoms and return elasticity to the skin.

So, go out there and invest in some quality body oil–it will be helpful to your skin, hands, and feet.



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